We offer full-service wedding planning and design for luxury celebrations near and far, and we deliver a standard of excellence to couples seeking the very best in planning, design and event management. 

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AYE’s primary specialty and area of expertise are weddings hosted in tents, on private estates and at iconic venues, and we’re delighted to provide an exclusive planning and design package for these uniquely complex events.

Our comprehensive suite of planning and design services streamlines what can otherwise be a stressful process, while infusing cohesion and harmony into every event. From the grandest multi-day destination wedding weekend to festivities of a more intimate scale, every occasion is special and elevated by our white-glove level of service and meticulous attention to detail. 

From New England (Cape Cod, Boston, Newport), to the South (Charleston, SC) and equally gorgeous destinations elsewhere in the US or Europe.

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Our hands-on approach takes care of all the behind-the-scenes nitty-gritty (power needs, production riders, permits, transportation logistics…), freeing couples to focus purely on enjoyable aspects such as design, mock-ups, hair or make-up trials, and tastings.

We listen carefully to clients’ needs and wishes to ensure every part of the celebration reflects their unique story, style and culture. We are renowned for our beautiful weddings filled with exquisite details, immersive experiences and personal touches, and are honored that we’re trusted to bring dreams to life locally and around the world.

We make the planning process an exciting experience for our busy clients by eliminating concerns about the less glamorous parts.

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Whatever your guest count, wherever your location, our full-service collections are tailored to fit your needs perfectly. Always.

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It includes planning, design and management of every aspect and element, from start to finish. Tented weddings require specific professional attention as they are filled with dynamic parts and details, from permit applications to tent diagrams, floor plans to ground leveling. We’ll take care of it all, designing, building and managing a flawless celebration from the ground up that leaves guests in awe and creates memories to last a lifetime.

This is our most booked service, ideal for couples seeking to jumpstart the planning process for a tented and/or private estate wedding.

With over twelve years of experience planning private estate and tented weddings, AYE owner Keri Ketterer Walter is one of the country's leading experts in this highly specialized field. Whether at home or in a distinctive luxury locales, the intricacies and nuances of building a venue from the ground up presents unique challenges. With that in mind, we have created a comprehensive collection specifically for tented weddings, covering every single detail that can arise, leaving you to relax and enjoy your engagement with true peace of mind.

For Private Estate and Tented Weddings

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Couples seeking a planner and designer to spearhead the entire planning process from day one will appreciate all this collection offers. We will build and manage a dream team of vendors, attend meetings on the couple’s behalf (especially if they are planning from afar), create a stunning and completely custom design that meshes flawlessly with all areas of the chosen venue, and execute the entire event, leaving the hosts free to enjoy it as much as their guests. From selecting the perfect venue and team to realistic budget consultation and strategic planning benchmarks, this is the most comprehensive collection offered for a wedding hosted at a venue.

This collection is ideally suited for celebrations at established venues including, but by no means limited to, a New England beach club, a chic architectural gem in Boston, an iconic Southern estate in Charleston, a mountain top resort in Vermont, a vineyard in California and beyond.

We’re very pleased to offer a wedding planning experience as enjoyable and seamless as the big day itself. This collection is our second most popular offering, including our widest array of planning and design services, making it perfect for couples seeking a romantic and impeccably designed celebration that wows their guests with each remarkable element.

For Venue Weddings

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We’ll manage each and every one, attend meetings on the couple’s behalf (especially useful for those planning from afar), create a fully personalized, awe-inspiring design, and execute the entire wedding day so the couple can enjoy it as much as their guests. As with our collections for larger weddings, we’ll select the perfect venue and team to meet your unique wishes, oversee that team throughout, consult on a realistic budget and set strategic planning benchmarks. Since small doesn’t mean less, this collection offers the same all-inclusive benefits and highest levels of service as our others, freeing clients to unleash their biggest dreams.

We will create and manage a distinctive, elevated and stylish experience for the couple and their loved ones, collaborating with a stellar team of carefully selected vendors.

Yes, your big day can be perfectly small! For those desiring an intimate luxury wedding at home, this collection is uniquely built to plan your celebration effortlessly, from start to finish. Perfect for couples hosting 10-50 guests, the exclusive Intimate Wedding Planning Collection includes our most comprehensive planning and design services.

For Intimate Weddings

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AYE will gather and manage an unsurpassed team of vendors, attend meetings on the couple’s behalf (aided by our partner in Europe), create a completely custom and breathtaking design, and execute the entire event so the couple can relax and savor each magical moment along with their guests. From choosing the perfect venue and team to consulting on a realistic budget and strategic planning benchmarks, this completely bespoke collection exceeds expectations, creating a destination wedding that is all clients wish for and more.

Our service is ideal for those seeking a planner and designer with extensive experience creating intimate celebrations that are big on style.

For intimate or larger-scaled luxury destination weddings anywhere in the world, this fully personalized collection makes planning a breeze. From the Italian countryside, Lake Como or Amalfi Coast to a chateau in the South of France, an estate in California's Wine Country or private island in the Caribbean, it is perfect for romantic elopements and celebrations with 10-150 guests. The exclusive Destination Wedding Planning Collection includes, as always, our signature, comprehensive planning and design services to ensure each event is beautifully conceived and impeccably executed. Through the unique benefit of having a planning partner, Jacqui, based in Italy, our services in Europe offer boots on the ground for an unparalleled experience. This collection is all-inclusive and completely customized to each couple's needs, including travel and accommodation for celebrations around the globe.

For Destination Weddings

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