Planner Bride Blog Series

Introducing the Planner Bride Blog Series

Jan 2, 2018


Happy New Year, everyone! Welcome 2018!

This post has been a long time in the making, and with the holidays being one filled with so many exciting engagement announcements (and so much sparkle!) I thought this might be the perfect time to kick off this blogging series. I am beyond thrilled to welcome you to the Planner Bride Blog Series here on the AYE Blog! This past June my amazing college sweetheart boyfriend of seven years got down on one knee and I became his fiancé. It will forever be one of the happiest days of my life (read the story of Sean’s and my engagement here), and a day that I know I’ll grow nostalgic for and recount to my future children and grandchildren in the years to come. 

Now as Sean and I plan our wedding for next September 2018, I am finding myself approaching the planning journey and process from a unique and insightful perspective: as bride and a wedding planner. In these last six months of planning we have selected the venue (my parents’ charming inn on Cape Cod), booked the church, hired our dream vendor team, curated out guest list, booked our rehearsal dinner location, scheduled our menu and cake tastings, purchased my wedding gown and now I am in the beginning stages of creating our customized signature AYE design plan (just as I do for my AYE couples)! As I began checking these items off our list, I have already encountered numerous instances where I have made decisions from a personal standpoint and a professional one, which is what led me to the creation of this series of blog posts I’m launching today!

Brides, I get it! When planning a wedding the To Do list is neverending, there are so many moving parts, big decisions to be made, ancillary events to plan around the wedding, budgets to balance, long guest lists to generate — all while facing a learning curve as you’ve probably have not planned a wedding or celebration of this scale before now! As a bride, I fully comprehend the weight of it all. But as a planner, I am excited to tell you that knowledge is power in the wedding planning journey, and a little guidance plus a few professional tips and tricks can make the entire experience so much easier and more fun! And so with that said, this series is truly for you.



The Planner Bride Blogging Series is a series hosted here on the AYE Blog, featuring bi-weekly articles filled to capacity with pretty and advice (including some of my best kept trade secrets!) from a bride and wedding planner’s perspective to help you plan your remarkable wedding day! Each post will cover topics using my own wedding as an example to allow me to relate to you 100%, as well as provide you with complete insight (bridal emotional rollercoaster included!). The mission and purpose for this series is one rooted in helping future brides and engaged couples coming along for the planning journey and will:

  1. Answer your most common wedding planning questions
  2. Shed light on topics not frequently covered in magazines and wedding blogs
  3. Share some of my favorite trade secret tips and tricks
  4. Help you create a wedding design you love
  5. Bring your wedding planning overwhelm down a notch + increase your excitement for your celebration even more!

AND, while I have put together a list of topics that I’ll be covering, I will also be devoting a few posts to answering questions asked by my Instagram followers

My hope is that with this series we can have a little bit of fun and support one another as we navigate through the planning journey together, side by side via this blog!

Brides, from the bottom of my heart I welcome you here because this series is truly for YOU. Come follow along, see some sneaks of my own wedding plans, enjoy all of the content and let me help you make your wedding as incredible as it should be!



Photography by Elizabeth Laduca

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