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Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

Feb 9, 2018

As someone who adores surprises, gifting (love language, anyone?) and celebratory champagne toasts, one of my favorite parts of my own wedding planning journey has been inviting my bridesmaids into our wedding party! When it came time to find the perfect gift to give my maids of honor and bridesmaids, I spent quite a bit of time searching for one thing for each of these gorgeous girls that I knew they would personally enjoy and cherish. While I am a lover of wedding branding and gifts that perfectly tie into a wedding design, for these gifts I wanted to refrain from making it about my wedding and more about showing each of these women that I love them and that their companionship as sisters, friends and partners in crime has meant so much to me throughout my life. 

One of the most frequent questions Always Yours Events Brides ask of me is what to get their bridesmaids, whether it be to ask them to be in their bridal party or as a gift on the wedding day itself. With so much inspiration across social media, wedding blogs, magazines and more, there are so many ideas circling the internet and wedding-sphere of what to gift, but it’s truly about finding something thoughtful that resonates with you and the recipient that makes the gift special. And so, with the same suggestions I provide to my own brides, I have put together a simple gift guide filled with gorgeous gifts that can be completely customized and tailored to each woman or man in their bridal party.

With this guide, you can find a gift for asking your ladies to be in your wedding, gifts for the bachelorette weekend and gifts for the wedding day all within this list. Since these ideas are all very customized and personal, there is something for everyone here, and you can reference it throughout the entire wedding planning journey!

An Important Note: Please know that this is not a sponsored post or advertisement in any way, shape or form. These items are ones I have personally hand selected to recommend to my own clients and am sharing with our followers and readers because I believe in these gifts. They are tried and true, and the companies that produce these items and gifts go above and beyond for their clients, which is key attribute I look for when I recommend any vendor, product or service.

 Elizabeth Laduca Photography for DearDaughter Jewerly

Elizabeth Laduca Photography for DearDaughter Jewerly

ONE: The Perfect Gem

Asking the ladies (or men!) in your life to be in your wedding should be a special surprise that is fulfilling for you and each of them! And a simple yet thoughtful gift to go along with your invitation is one way to make the request that much more magical. For this gift, I recommend selecting something that is universal that can be gifted to all. As a wedding planner and bride, I have found that a dainty item such as personalized jewelry works perfectly as a “Will You Be My Bridesmaid Gift!”

For my Maids of Honor and bridesmaids, I asked each of them individually with an everyday heart-shaped, gold filled necklace stamped with their first initial from DearDaughter Jewelry, and a handwritten note. In the handwritten note I shared with each of my girls a distinct moment that I remember their friendship specifically making my life better. The heart shaped, initial stamped necklace that could be worn everyday (with any outfit, on any occasion, any time) felt like an absolute perfect fit. The thought and meaning behind it was that I wanted each of them to know that they are loved individually, and I couldn’t imagine getting married without them by my side. 

Some of my additional favorite dainty jewelry gifts include these initial necklaces from Anthropologie, this custom bar bracelet or and this ring from GLDN and these studs from Kate Spade.

 Elizabeth Laduca Photography

Elizabeth Laduca Photography

TWO: The Perfect Accessory

Who doesn’t love a gift that they can add to their wardrobe? One of my favorite companies who creates the perfect clutch that everyone adores is Gigi New York. This tassel clutch with your bridesmaids monograms stamped on them is a gift that your ladies will not only adore, but will use time and time again. What I love about these gifts is that you certainly will see your friends out one day with this clutch long after your wedding is over, surprising you with a simple little moment of nostalgia of the experience.

And if you happen to be booking a getaway for your Bachelorette Weekend (Charleston, the Keys, Mexico, anyone?), these personalized floppy hats for the beach are another chic option your bridesmaids will not forget to pack. Personalize with each of their monograms for a gift they can continue to wear at every trip to the coast, or gift them one customized with #bridesquad if part of a larger gift! Every person has a different aesethetic with hats and so I recommend you search through Etsy for a talented vendor who can produce these in the timeframe, color, hat shape and quantity you desire!

 Elizabeth Laduca Photography

Elizabeth Laduca Photography

THREE: The Perfect Ruffled Robe

You knew this would be included! I’ve planned hundreds of weddings, and this past Summer I finally found the PERFECT robe that looks great in every single photo and on every body type. This Plum Pretty Sugar Flutter robe is flattering, and comes in a plethora of patterns to fit in impeccably with your wedding design. Whether you gift these to your ladies alone or as part of a larger gift on the wedding day, these robes will not disappoint and are so comfortable that you will definitely see your girls donning these on Summer mornings before and after your wedding day. 

FOUR: The Perfect Gift for Their Home

Over the course of the last few years, I’ve had brides who happen to have bridal parties filled with attendants who are buying new homes, condos and apartments, and so while this gift is a little bit out of the norm, it is one that’s uniqueness makes it special. These custom throws from PCB Home are one of my favorite gifts to give. They are personalized, cozy and look beautiful in any home. Have each throw personalized with monograms, the bridesmaid’s name OR a cute inside-joke phrase that will remind your loved one every time she wraps herself up in it on the couch with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. This gift can stand alone or be part of a larger gift, but either way it will be a well loved surprise!

 Carly Michelle Photography

Carly Michelle Photography

FIVE: The Perfect Tailored Gift Box

My absolute best recommendation are these boxes right here. They are always 100% the perfect gift. Why? Because while every single box can be packaged the same, the contents can be highly unique and tailored to each attendant individually. Finding a gift that suits everyone in your party can be tough, which makes these boxes are the perfect solution. Work with one of my favorite hardworking ladies over at Teak and Twine, or this mother daughter duo at Lux Box Co here in Boston, and create a personalized box filled with gifts that speak to each of your bridesmaids. If you have a bridesmaid who loves flowers, fill her box with an English rose candle, lavender bath soap, a floral print makeup bag, rosé Sugarfina gummy bears, a dainty bar bracelet wrapped in peony watercolor wrapping paper, a bottle of Tocca Gardenia perfume and a handwritten note. If you have a bridesmaid who is from the South, fill her box with Charleston gates earrings, a magnolia scented candle, a bottle of Fresh Honeysuckle perfume, a muslin bag of praline pecans and of course a handwritten note. And with every box coming beautifully packaged and tied with gorgeous ribbons, these gifts will feel so special just at the sight of them sitting in the bridal suite waiting to be opened.

 Carly Michelle Photography

Carly Michelle Photography

SIX: The Handwritten Note

You may have noticed that I am a lover of the handwritten note. So I’ve saved the best for last. I firmly believe that the gift that is best of all is a note that shows you’ve taken the time to express your love, friendship and gratefulness for a loved one and friend. Even though it might feel small, friendship makes these milestones more beautiful, and reminding them that you are not only their friend but that you recognize their friendship and are grateful for their part on your day makes a huge impact. Set aside the time to individually write notes to your attendants with every gift you give. While buying a thoughtful gift might feel like the most important part, the sentiment that the handwritten note brings is what makes the gift perfect.

Some of my favorite cards can be found here: this sweet Plan with Me Card, this simple Bridesmaid Proposal Card, this sassy and chic Kate Spade Hocus to my Pocus Card, and this simple Everyday Card from the Bride for any occasion with your bridesmaids!

So friends, I hope that this guide has given you some wonderful ideas for gifts to give in your upcoming planning journey! And if you have any questions, share with me in the comments below!

Remember, the perfect gift formula includes making it thoughtful, personal and always remembering that handwritten note. Love on the people who will stand by your side on this remarkable day.



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