Inspiration for Hosting the Ultimate Thanksgiving and Friendsgiving

Nov 8, 2018

Raise your hand if you’re hosting a Thanksgiving of your own this year! Whether you’re hosting your first Thanksgiving as newlyweds, for the first time in your new home, or having a Friendsgiving prior to the traditional Thanksgiving feast, this post is for you!

Hosting celebrations of any kind brings me so much joy, and Thanksgiving (being one of my favorite holidays) is no exception. In my eyes, this holiday is one big dinner party filled with all of the very best things shared amongst the ones we love most. This year Sean and I will be cohosting a Friendsgiving the weekend before the actual holiday, which we spend with our big families. We will be hosting Friendsgiving with two of our best friends, and preparing the meal for fifteen of our friends and one pup (who will be salivating for all the turkey).

Being a planner, I of course couldn’t help myself and began creating a meal and table design plan to follow — because let’s be honest, in order to prepare a delicious, well timed meal with so many moving parts and still enjoy the day with our guests, you need a plan. But rather than keeping it all to myself, I put our Friendsgiving recipes, table inspiration, ideas and shopping lists (for all of those kitchen accessories you might not realize you need such as a meat thermometer or turkey baster) into one big Thanksgiving Pinterest board to share with you all too!

For anyone looking for an easy way to have your whole entire Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving meal planned out for you, this Pretty Scrumptious Thanksgiving Pinterest board is all you need. In this board you will find:

  • Perfect Turkey Practices: Tips, tricks and full instructions on cooking the perfect turkey (no dry, bland, undercooked turkeys here!). Also, the recipe included for Sage Butter to go under the turkey skin is one I swear makes our turkey taste like heaven.

  • Crowd Pleasing Side Dishes: the recipes to my favorite side dishes, which we will be serving on our Friendsgiving table! The recipe for Southern Living’s Sweet Potato Casserole is to die for. I did also throw a few extra recipes in there from the Thanksgiving meal my mother in law makes too, because they are too good not to share. AND, for any of my friends out there who are thinking about what to eat in the AM to tide them over until dinner, I included my favorite Pumpkin Pie Fab Four Smoothie from Kelly Leveque that will keep you satiated at a relatively low calorie count (so you can splurge on the good stuff) until dinner time! #soextra

  • Desserts Classic + Reinvented: the recipes to classic desserts such as Pumpkin Pie and Apple Pie, as well as new takes on the standards such as Pumpkin Gingersnap Cheesecake, a Pumpkin Pie with cinnamon crust, Pumpkin Dump Cake (which I can assure you is much more delicious than the name sounds), and Brown Butter Sweet Potato Pie. Or you can simply buy your desserts from your loved local bakery — I won’t judge.

  • Table Decor Inspiration: So much inspiration for your Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving table that will have your guests wow-ed! One of my favorite simple tricks is using a Fall plaid blanket as a festive table cloth (it feels more rustic if doesn’t need to cover the whole table). Add mini white pumpkins or colorful gourds at each place setting and the prettiest downloadable placecards (they are free!) by Riley Sheehy from Making Things Co.

  • A Shopping List: This isn’t your ingredients shopping list for the grocery store, but a shopping list for the items that hosts and hostesses often forget they need when hosting their first Thanksgiving. Meat thermometers, turkey basters, trussing string (to keep the stuffing inside your turkey so it can cook), and more are all things you can easily get off of Amazon for your feast. AND I also included a few of the decor items we will be using on our table this year!

Be sure to head over the Pretty Scrumptious Thanksgiving Pinterest Board and collect a few ideas for your own Thanksgivings and Friendsgivings at home! And comment below if you have any recipes, turkey tips or table decor ideas that you’d love to share with me and the community of followers!

Happy Planning, friends!



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