Friday Favorites || Lifestyle, Beauty + Wedding Favorites for 3.22.19

Mar 22, 2019

Happy Friday, everyone! And cheers to the weekend just hours away from us!

Today’s post is inspired by one of my favorite CEOs and entrepreneurs Lauren Conrad who, in my book, is the ultimate lifestyle boss. Periodically Lauren shares her favorite products, lifestyle hacks, recent finds, etc with her readers, and these posts make my girly heart flutter. In the past few months I’ve shared some of my favorites and daily essentials on in Instagram and in stories, and so many of you have asked me to share more information about these items and offer recommendations, which got me to thinking… maybe it might be more fun and helpful to do a round up on Fridays on the blog and on Instagram for my followers! That said, here we are!

If you know me, you know I’m a beauty product junkie, so these posts will be filled with some of my favorite and current tried and true products. To keep it somewhat relatable to weddings, I’ll do my best to include some wedding related favorites included as well. Lifestyle elements such as home decor, favorite foods/snacks, current Starbucks orders, products that simplify life, current favorite songs, etc are all sure to be included as well.

And so, without further adieu let’s get to my Friday Favorites for this week:

  1. The Starbucks Iced Cloud Macchiato: Okay, I’m typically a homemade iced latte with almond milk or cold brew with almond milk type of girl, but this foamy coffee drink is just the dreamiest. I alter the recipe using my Starbucks mobile app to make it more diet friendly by switching to sugar free vanilla syrup (just 2 pumps), nonfat milk and no caramel drizzle on top. This is a treat I allow myself to have once a week, and oh boy it does not disappoint.
  2. L’oreal Paris Lash Paradise Mascara: I swear that this mascara can’t be beat — and I’ve tried almost all of them. I buy a LOT of products from Sephora, but mascara is not one of them anymore. There are way too many great drugstore mascaras out there, and the Lash Paradise mascara in Blackest Black from L’oreal beats all of the mascaras at Sephora by a landslide. I swear by it — the lash volume and separation, the dark pigmentation, the lasting formula. People ask me constantly if my lashes are fake when I wear this product. I never am without at least one tube of this.
  3. This dress by ASTR the Label: For all my brides out there, if you’re looking for an engagement party dress, an engagement shoot dress, a rehearsal dinner dress or a shower dress, this is one of my go-tos. I wore this dress for my own rehearsal dinner and loved it so much that I bought it in navy and periwinkle this week for festivities around an upcoming wedding in Delray Beach, FL. It’s incredibly flattering and looks great on everyone.
  4. Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now: One of my favorites songs by Starship. If you don’t like 80s music, sorry. It’s a song that is CONSTANTLY playing on the radio down here in Naples, FL (I’m writing this post from our couch at our family shared house in Naples), and I don’t mind one bit. It reminds me of being down here, and I’m all about it. It’s okay if you’re judging me, but don’t knock it until you’re jamming out to it on a Summer day on the water.
  5. Jo Malone’s Orange Blossom Candle: did you know that this was the candle Kate Middleton had burning the morning of her wedding while getting ready? The fragrance is so beautiful and fresh, and with Spring arriving I’ve had it burning nonstop (thanks to past AYE bride Jackie Blau who introduced me to this candle). If you’re looking for a beautiful Spring scent to make your home feel a little warmer while you Marie Kondo the house, try this one out.
  6. Dexter: I tried to watch Dexter two times before now. It took me about 8 episodes into the first season to get into it… and then I was addicted. I’m that person who loves everything true crime related, forensics, investigative documentaries, you name it, and Dexter is a show that combines so much of that in a series. I just finished watching the series finale and I have to say…. it might be one of my all time favorite shows.
  7. Girl Stop Apologizing: I just finished Rachel Hollis’ second book called Girl Stop Apologizing and… I LOVED it. Rachel’s first book Girl, Wash Your Face was good, but this one is better in my opinion. The section about gratitude alone is worth buying the book for.
  8. Trader Joe’s Cauliflower Gnocchi: yes, I know I’m late to the party on this one. BUT. I just tried these little pillows of heaven from Trade Joe’s this week and about cried tears of joy. Add a little bit of ghee or butter with sage and fresh grated parmesan and you’ve got a yummy dinner in 15 minutes. And its just 330 calories for the ENTIRE bag of gnocchi, which even though I couldn’t eat that amount in one sitting it’s an incredible thing, friends.
  9. Gucci Flora Perfume: I can’t live without this perfume. Sure, I love boutique fragrances from Tom Ford, Jo Malone and Diptyque, but I’ve been wearing Gucci Flora (Eau de Parfum) since 2007 and it never gets old. I know perfumes smell different on everyone, so maybe I just hit the jackpot with Flora and my body chemistry. People ask me DAILY what perfume I’m wearing when I wear it. And ever since they repackaged it this year with a new chic Gucci label, my once overlooked holy grail perfume is flying off the shelves these days.
  10. Our Wedding Post on Style Me Pretty: Last week our wedding went live on Style Me Pretty, and it was a dream to see it living on the front page for a day. In 2009 when I was an aspiring wedding planner interning in Boston, I dreamed of my wedding being selected to be featured on Style Me Pretty. So it felt so surreal last week to see our photos and my write up describing our day on that beautiful blog. If you haven’t seen it, feel free to click the link and take a peek.

And those are my ten current favorites this week! Let me know if you happen to be inspired to try Gucci Flora, pick up that mascara, read Girl Stop Apologizing or jam out to Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now while enjoying a bowl of cauliflower gnocchi with sage and brown butter.

Wishing you all a happy weekend!

xo, Keri

*some links above are affiliate links, however, everything listed is tried and true by me and used in daily life.

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