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Apr 22, 2019

Friends, last Friday I made an attempt to share this post as a Friday Favorites and because of a little Squarespace glitch I couldn’t share it as I had hoped! So we are making this Monday a little brighter with a list of my current favorite lifestyle and celebration items from the entire month of April to kick off your post Easter week with the opportunity to treat yourself (because we all deserve something extra nice to get through Monday after a holiday weekend).

Last week I teased a skincare product line that I’ll be mentioning here with a little bit of a vulnerable post on Instagram (see here). In addition to skincare I have an adorable dress that is oh-so-flattering, a pair of espadrilles I’m in love with for Spring, the best pair of white Jeans you will EVER wear, along with a couple of celebration favorites I incorporate often for my couples’ weddings. Take a peek below.

  1. A Regimen Using Biologique Recherche Products: Calling all my friends who are having challenges with their current skincare! A few months ago a good friend of mine with beautiful skin had recommended a product from this French skincare line she had been using for years. It was the Biologique Recherche (pronounced Bio-lo-jeek Ra-share-sh) P50 Lotion, and essentially it is a vinegar smelling toner that has been dubbed as both “Jesus in a bottle” and “a facial in a bottle that smells like hot garbage.” I tried it (the smell was not nearly as bad as people say), was impressed with it’s effectiveness of clearing my skin and enhancing it’s glow, and so I decided to try the entire line. I made a reservation to get a facial and custom regimen created for me at the Mandarin Oriental Spa in Boston, and my sweet facialist there put together a full list of products to address all of my concerns. After about a month and a half of using them, I already see a noticeable improvement in my skin tone, clarity, softness and glow, and guys this is quite a big deal because… I have TERRIBLE skin. Years of hormonal acne as a young adult, scarring and a sudden change to dry skin in the last year has been the constant battle I’ve fought, which has made me into a makeup maven when it comes to applying my own makeup to cover up my flawed skin. After changing a few things in my diet (drinking more water, eating less sugar and cutting dairy) and adding this regimen to my daily schedule, my skin is looking better than it EVER has. I can actually run errands without makeup on, which is not something I’ve done in my entire life (well, since I was a child). Now, a few things before you run and start googling BR product names. It is best to see an esthetician or a facialist who can properly diagnose your skin type create a skincare regimen that will address all your personal needs. Every person’s skin is different, so the products and amount of products that work for me might not work for you. So, please go see an esthetician who carries the BR line first. Second, these products need to be purchased through approved channels — do not buy them on Amazon. You can shop for them at the spa or salon that carries the line, or on RescueSpa. And third, yes this is an investment. The line is not the most inexpensive option on the market, but it works and when it comes to my face and skin I am willing to invest.

For those wondering, the products I use are to correct pigmentation and scarring, clear skin of adult acne, anti-aging and tighten pores. They include: the P50 Lotion Pigment 400, the Pigment 400 Creme, the Pigment 400 Serum, the Iribiol Serum, the Oglio Proteine Marine Serum and the Masque Vivant. I also use a Clarisonic Mia brush and Cerave cleanser to wash my face daily, and Drunk Elephant’s eye cream at night.

2. The White Jeans You’ve Been Looking For: As we head into Summer we are all getting ready to break out the white jeans. I know many say you don’t wear white jeans until Memorial Day, but I never follow that rule anymore. That said, I have found the perfect pair of white jeans at Anthropologie this past February and I haven’t been able to stop wearing them since. They can be dressed up or dressed down, they are a thick soft jean material that looks crisp and holds shape but isn’t constricting. Essentially they are the unicorn of white jeans. See them here on Anthropologie.

3. My Favorite Spring Espadrilles: When we went on our honeymoon to the Amalfi Coast of Italy in September, I had purchased these white espadrilles from Soludos so that I didn’t have to sacrifice getting dressed up and at the same tine didn’t have to wear high heels as we climbed 600 stone steps along the town set on the cliffs. These white lace up wedge espadrilles are both beautiful and comfortable and I know they will get so much love from me as we head into the warmer months!

4. My Trusty Rain Plan Umbrellas: April showers mean May flowers, right? But let’s be honest — unless you live in a temperate area of California, you need to prepare for rain when hosting a wedding outdoors (or any part of it) in the upcoming peak wedding season months. Last year I wrote a blog post ALL about creating a contingency plan for your wedding day and how to execute a rain plan, but for my brides and planner friends reading, it’s always a good idea to have a great umbrella source at the ready. See here for my link to my favorite umbrellas that I keep on hand for all weddings. Even if it’s going to be 0% chance of rain, these little guys are ready to go in two beautiful and chic woven basket hampers in my car at all times on wedding days! Best yet? They are Prime on Amazon so they arrive in two days and can be returned if unopened. Here are the links:

Umbrellas for Guests

Umbrellas for Bridal Party (also another great option for guests!)

Umbrellas for Bride and Groom (and Bridal Party if you want them to all carry clear umbrellas!)

5. The Perfect Spring Dress: This dress called Jasmine from Gal Meets Glam is giving me LIFE. It’s gorgeous mint green pinstripe pattern, bow detail in the back, flattering shape and length are making it a staple in my closet. And I happen to be heading to Charleston, SC this month for a venue scouting trip for a couple of mine, which means you know this will be in my suitcase. See it here.

Have you tried any of the BR skincare products I mentioned above and had success? If you have, please comment below and share your experience with me because I honestly am so interested to see who has seen a difference in their skin using these products — and of course I’m always curious to add more products to my regimen!

Thank you so much for reading along, friends! Enjoy these favorites and have a wonderful week!

xo, Keri

Some links above are Amazon affiliate links, but all products are tried and true and used by me on a regular basis. As always, I never share products that are not used by me and are not loved.

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