The 2019 Ultimate Gift Guide for the Entrepreneur {CEO}

Nov 27, 2019

When it comes to holiday gift giving, I really like to put thought into the gifts and try to find something for each person that is not only something they would want, but something that makes them feel understood/loved/heard! And when it comes to my family and friends who are small business owners and entrepreneurs themselves and are juggling the constant struggle of “work life balance,” I love to gift them something that they really can use to help them streamline or make life a little simpler.

As a small business owner/entrepreneur/CEO myself, I have put together this guide of gifts that I personally know, love and have helped me get one step closer to work life balance or have made my job simpler. I have rounded up 9 gifts below that I know you will love. And for all the small business owners out there reading — get some inspiration below to put on your own list!:

  1. Rothy’s are basically the only shoe I can wear on a wedding day and walk upward of 23,000 steps without feeling like my feet might fall off. I have them in two colors and people always ask me if they are worth getting — and the answer is YES! For a friend or family member in the hospitality industry, who own a shop or have a career where they are always on their feed, this is the perfect gift. AND… I also have a special coupon for you here to use this week:

  2. DryBar Dry Detox Shampoo + Biossance Vegan Rose Lip Balm – Who else uses almost a bottle of dry shampoo every month…. yup, me too. With my busy schedule, dry shampoo is my life saver when I’m running into meetings and need a hair refresh, as well as during wedding day setup! This dry shampoo from DryBar is truly my favorite and every year for Christmas I ask for it as a stocking stuffer from Sean and our families. To go along with that, I have found a new lip balm love to combat my dehydration during busy season and travel and chapped lips in the cold. The Biossance Vegan Rose Lip Balm is so moisturizing and feels so luxurious. Pair it with the dry shampoo as a little gift or individually as stocking stuffers.

  3. Tortoise Blue Light Glasses – One of my friends who is always fixed on her computer screen for her business wears these and they are so cute, so I had to include these for all of my professionals out there straining their eyes on the computer and iPad all day! They come in a dozen different colors, but who can resist tortoise?

  4. Stoney Clover LN – FANNY PACK! Say it loud and say it proud for the people in the back. Fanny packs got a bad rap for all of the early 2000s but they are back and better than ever. I literally wear a fanny pack at every one of my weddings and keep boutonniere pins, my bride’s lash glue, my bride’s lip gloss, a candle lighter, Tums, Advil, tampons, etc you name in it so that at any point and time I am prepared during the wedding. These customized fanny packs from Stoney Clover Ln are the CUTEST and are such a fun gift for any boss lady in your life. You can monogram them, pop a rose or champagne patch on them or find something design related to the recipient’s career.

  5. Spanx Work Pants – There is a reason these are Oprah approved as a gift of the year! For the business owner who works 24/7 these pants that are basically power hold leggings that ensure you look put together whenever you must…. these are the perfect gift. They are on my Christmas wishlist this year.. just sayin’.

  6. Beekeepers Naturals Beegan Pharmacy – This product is a fun one and I was just recommended it and purchased some for our home for busy wedding season and the upcoming winter season. You can read all about the mission behind these products here, but the woman who started Beekeepers Naturals created all of these remedies and foods from the natural products created by bees in their hives to improve human health. Their bees are essentially cared for like pets to the company (#savethebees), and they create everything from superfood honey that energizes, to a capsule that helps you focus (no more writer’s block), to their most popular and cult product “Propolis,” which is an inflammatory with preventative properties (like Emergen-C or airborne on steriods) most found throughout Europe. Propolis has even been proven to help chronic inflammation from autoimmune illnesses. You can buy each product on the website on sale right now for 20% off!

  7. Delsey Chalelet Carry On Roller Bag – I have this bag — and I cannot tell you how many people compliment me on it at the airport. I bought it for traveling for quick trips for our weddings in Charleston and Italy this year because it is so efficiently and brilliantly designed with compartments, hangers for hanging clothes, shoe compartments, etc. And of course it is so chic. It is TSA and airline approved so it is completely perfect for carry on, and SO MUCH FITS IN IT. It’s on MAJOR sale right now, so for that business owner or professional who is always jet setting for work, this is the best gift.

  8. Birdies Starling Shoes in Leather – These shoes. I know you’ve been eyeing them forever on Instagram. You signed up for the newsletter and get the emails and just haven’t pulled the trigger. Buy a pair for yourself and a pair for a mom who owns a business. Honestly, giving these shoes is equivalent to giving a huge bear hug. And also, here’s a special coupon code just for you:

  9. La Croix Ornaments – IF you are a business owner, CEO, boss lady it’s basically a pre-requisite that you drink seltzer water, right? For a colleague in your own industry who is obsessed with seltzer (like me), this is the perfect thoughtful and fitting gift. For a secret Santa or yankee swap with work friends, these La Croix ornaments are SO perfect too. Best part? You can buy from this adorable small business with big heart and mission in Boston and on their online shop.

There you have it friends! I hope you love this gift guide as much as I have loved creating it! There is SO much thoughtfulness at all different price points for for your small business and entrepreneurial friends and family in one place here, and I know you cannot go wrong with any of these gifts!

As always, comment below or send me a DM on Instagram to share with me if you happen to get and gift any of these products from today’s guide!

Now back to peeling potatoes. Happy Thanksgiving, Eve, friends!



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