The Ultimate Stocking Stuffer Guide

Nov 29, 2019

When I was a child getting the stockings from my grandmother’s fireplace mantel early on Christmas morning was the most exciting part of Christmas Eve! Stockings always had the treats in it that you didn’t necessarily put on your list, so of course they were a complete surprises! And in making this guide I kept that spirit and sentiment in mind 😉

Friends, be sure to send this Stocking Stuffer Guide to your spouse/fiance/partner, parents or friends because it’s oh so good! Just add a package or box of your favorite candy, and your stocking will be the best thing you open this Christmas morning!

1. A Leopard Print Bow Scunci: Scrunchies are oddly back in vogue and I don’t hate the idea! As busy women we are ALWAYS looking for hair ties, and this one is so cute it would be hard to lose.

2. Diptyque Mini Bais Candle: This little candle is so chic and perfect for a counter in a bathroom or a bath tub tray for a late night bath after a stressful day. Oh, and do forget to add in these cute Fancy Matches from my gals at Gus and Ruby Letterpress to go with it!

3. A Pretty Knotted Headband: This headband from Anthropologie is a must have and add feminine flair to any outfit for just a small cost in comparison to other brands.

4. Pretty Jewelry: I always like tucking in something a little more fancy and expensive in a stocking to keep the surprises coming! These earrings from Gus and Ruby Letterpress were ideal for this guide, but consider any piece of jewelry wrapped in pretty paper and tucked into the stocking.

5. Eye Cream: Listen, every year women hear more and more we need to start using anti-aging skincare earlier and earlier. This Tatcha eye cream comes in pretty packaging, looks great on a bathroom vanity and feels so soft and creamy it’s a treat to put on. Pop it into the stocking OR go luxurious with the next item.

6. La Mer Cream: This little jar goes a LONG way because this product is so luxurious and thick. But the packaging is small enough to put into a stocking! Expensive yes, but it’s definitely a little Christmas gift in itself.

7. Pearl Hair Barettes: These clips are so fun and inexpensive at Target. The add a little fun to any stocking.

8. Kristin Ess Perfume: Lauren Conrad’s hairstylist created a haircare line for Target that is amazing and smells so good, and everyone loved the scent of the haircare so much that she turned it into a perfume. This little bottle of perfume is so cute and smells delightful and fresh. Easy to find at Target, this is an ideal stuffer.

9. Loreal Lash Paradise Mascara and Primer: This is the best mascara on the market ANYWHERE. And with the primer it is magic. Buy both and add them into the stocking for a gift she will thank you for forever. Also, if you haven’t tried this mascara yet, what are you waiting for?!

10. A Tortoise Comb: At $2 this adorable comb is ideal for on the go and travel. Add it in for a little chic color and for something practical 🙂

11. The Stocking: I am OBSESSED with this stocking from Opal House at Target. The tassels and gold piping are so pretty and look incredible on a mantel.

And like I said, just add your favorite treat to any combination of 5-6 of these items outlined above (or all!) for a stocking filled with surprises that she will love.

Happy Holiday Season, friends!



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