Friday Favorites: 2020 Quarantine Edition

Jul 31, 2020

A list of my favorite products from quarantine 2020

Over the past several months of being cooped up, I’ve come across some incredible products that have made quarantine and social distancing a little more bearable. For this edition of Friday Favorites, I’ve put together my top 12 most loved products, podcasts and foods getting me through 2020!

See below:

  1. Glennon Doyle’s “Untamed”
    • If you need an anthem to get you through this year, this book will have you fired up to spend your free time stepping into yourself. Take along with you outside as a read in your backyard, at the beach (socially distanced, of course), on the deck/patio, on the boat, etc. Get ready to be inspired to be unabashedly afraid of being yourself.
  2. Rainbow Flip Flops
    • If you forgot about these amazing flip flops, here is your reminder! I lived in Rainbow flip flops in high school and college, and after graduation I traded up for Jack Rogers and nude pumps. But being home this Summer, getting a lot of outdoor walks in and mostly being in the backyard, these flip flops have been my number one staple. They are as comfortable as I remember, and they’ve made me nostalgic and transported me out of this dumpster fire of a year.
  3. White Jean Shorts from Red Dress
    • These white fringed shorts are the best distressed shorts I’ve ever owned. They are easy to throw on over a swimsuit, the pair perfectly with any top, and they are super flattering. Hurry and get them before they are gone — they sell out very quickly.
  4. It CC Cream 
    • I wear this CC cream every single day and it’s become my holy grail. When quarantine happened I began focusing on my skincare so much more (see this blog post all about my skincare here), and I traded in my regular foundation for this It CC cream and I’m amazed at how much I love it. It’s illuminating effect, full coverage, has 50 SPF, and anti-aging properties make it a must have. And bonus? After 3 months of use I’ve noticed such an improvement in my skin — softer, smoother, clearer and more hydrated.
  5. Tocca Bora Bora Handwash and Lotion
    • We’ve been washing our hands so much in our house, to the point they became raw. Cue this handwash and lotion from Tocca that it’s the best smelling soap and lotion I’ve ever owned. I want to wash my hands using this soap, and I follow up with the lotion to keep my hands from peeling. The scent lingers forever, and sometimes even replaces my perfume.
  6. Down Mattress Topper
    • I tell everyone to get this mattress topper after having it for this entire quarantine. It transforms your bed into a cloud, making it so soft and heavenly that you’ll stay asleep longer. And that moment between sleep and awake in the early AM when you’ve completely forgotten COVID exists will last longer with this down mattress topper – I promise.
  7. Serena and Lily Sheet Set
    • Can you handle the prettiness of this sheet set from S&L? I love everything from Serena and Lily, but this striped sheet set takes the cake. Sean’s not a huge fan of the pink and white, but the aforementioned mattress topper makes him care less about the sheets and more about the topper.
  8. The Magic
    • During this year I have found gratitude practices and journaling have helped me reframe my mind and perspective of 2020. Even in these dark times there is so much to be thankful for, and the Magic is a great starting point for putting into practice gratitude everyday. Gratitude changes everything, especially in 2020.
  9. The Peloton and App
    • The first purchase we made in quarantine was the Peloton and membership. I swear it is a game changer. So many people ask me if I love it and if it was worth the investment, and I can say without a shadow of a doubt that it is. I ride every single day with one of my favorite instructors, who include Robin, Kendall, Alex, Emma and Ally! If you’re on the fence and you’re not going back to your gym… the Peloton is a must.
  10. The Dyson Airwrap
    • Everyone asks me about my hair in my Instagram stories — this is my secret. I use the Dyson Airwrap to blow dry and style my hair every time I wash it. The blowdryer is the BEST, so if you only want to splurge for the hairdryer you can! Or you can go for the whole Dyson Airwrap set like I did if you want to curl, brush and volumize! I haven’t taken out my old blowdryer or curling iron since getting this.
  11. Sol de Janeiro SPF Oil 
    • Since we cannot travel anywhere I’ve been spending time at the beach and lake much more. This high spf oil from Sol de Janeiro smells so amazing and works so well. Plus it transports me somewhere tropical with the scent.
  12. Black Ruffled Swimsuit 
    • This swimsuit is the most flattering swimsuit I own. Plus the off the shoulder ruffle keeps your chest and back free of straps preventing large tan lines. If you need a swimsuit for August, I cannot recommend this one enough!

For the link to the full shopping list, click simply click here!

What things have you discovered during this year that have made this time a little easier and more enjoyable? Comment below and let me know. Happy shopping, friends!

xo, Keri


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